ADA KAMARA – Fashion Designer

SS 2016

Free spirited and romantic woman and girl clothes. Kaftans, dresses, pants, tops, bags and accessories. Shop our collection in Mykonos island shop.

Ada studied fashion in Paris. For many years to follow she traveled in Asia gathering experiences through her journeys.

In 2003 she founded her company and started designing and producing clothes in India. India had become both her spiritual home and her source of inspiration as a fashion designer. She started by making unique pieces in silk and later on she added cotton linen and modal.

Ada has always loved the summer season. So every winter, like a migrating bird, she goes to Asia to design her collections and in spring time she returns to Greece, in the Cyclades island of Paros, in the town of Parikia, where she has her shop.

Ada’s style is of a woman of the world, ultra feminine, yet just a little bit girlish and shy. Her clothes are as free spirited and romantic as she is. They combine ease with bohemian chic. What they ask from the woman that wears them is attitude and outlook.

Ada’s devoted clients always find something new in her collection to freshen up their wardrobe. And they treasure, for years to come, the high quality, the texture and panache that they find in her designs.


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